Cutting Trim & Decorative Fringes With No Frays

Embarking on a creative endeavor involving decorative trims and fringe can be thrilling until the dreaded unraveling threatens to derail your masterpiece. Fear not, as mastering the art of cutting trim without succumbing to fraying is within reach. In this step-by-step guide, we'll delve into techniques and tips to ensure clean and precise cuts, allowing you to unleash your creativity without worrying about unraveling or frayed ends.
There are 2 methods of cutting trim or fringe that we recommend:

1. The tape method
Using the tape method is simple and quick. 
  • Measure the trim or fringe to the length you wish to cut. 
  • Wrap scotch tape (or similar) around the area you are cutting, covering the front and back of the trim. 
  • Use your scissors to cut through the tape so that there is a bit of tape on both cut ends when you are finished. 
This tape will hold the threads you just severed in place, though you may want to add an additional piece of tape, covering the cut edge entirely as you work.
2. The fabric glue method
Using the fabric glue method is easy and takes a little longer than the tape method, but is more secure and lasting while you are sewing your project. 
  • As above, you must first measure where you want to cut your trim. 
  • Apply a line of fabric glue along where you wish to cut, front and back, then smooth it into a thin layer that covers approximately 1/4-1/2" of the trim. 
  • Allow several minutes to dry. 
  • Then cut the trim, through the glued area, leaving some dried glue on either side of the cut to secure both resulting cut ends. 
The glue will hold more securely than tape, but you may still add an additional thin line of glue along the freshly cut edge for further peace of mind.
  • Please also note that for either method, we recommend using very sharp fabric scissors while you are cutting trim. Scissors that are blunted or not intended for fabric may not cut properly, resulting in sloppy work that can still fray or unravel if not protected.
In the world of crafting, precision matters. Both the tape and fabric glue methods detailed above provide reliable ways to cut trims and fringe without fraying. Your choice depends on your project's needs. With sharp scissors and these techniques, you'll craft with confidence, knowing your trims will come out neat and ready to adorn your creations.


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